Pro Series Heavy Duty Performance Large Diameter Suction Cup Mount 4 Gopro Hero


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. [HIGH QUALITY] – Smooth suction diaphram with easy click button to ensure a firm grip. INCLUDES Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Safety Tether

. [VERSATILE] – Main Arm’s angle can be adjusted up to 270 Degrees, whilst the Screw Mount can be adjusted all the way up to a full 360 Degrees

. Suction Cup Mount Uses: Cars, Boats, Windscreens, Fish Tanks, and smooth clean Surfaces

. [PERFORMANCE] – Smooth Suction Cup Material combined with a 9.5cm Diamater surface gives a superior grip

. [PERFECT COMPATIBILITY] – Suits any cameras/recorder/camcorder with 1/4-20 mounting pattern such as Sony, GoPro, Garmin Tom Tom, Nikon and others



This micros2u Suction Cup Mount comes with an Anti-Skid suction Base + Easy Press Button when mounting to a surface.
The suction cup can Universally fit other Makes of Digital or Video cameras, that can accept 1/4″ Screw and take a total of 2.5kg weight.
Suction Cup Mount can be widely used in Cars, Boats, Windscreens, Fish Tanks, and smooth clean Surfaces, etc.
Main Arm’s angle can be adjusted up while the Screw Mount can be adjusted all the way up to a full 360 Degrees.

Compatibility: For HERO HERO2 HERO3 HERO3+ HERO4 HERO5, HERO 6 HERO 7, 8, 9, 10. SESSION or other cameras accepting 1/4″ screw
Material: PC + ABS + Stainless Steel
Socket: 1/4″
Max Load: 2.5kg/ 5.51Lb
Base diameter: About 9cm/ 3.5in
Height: 7.4 -12.3cm/ 2.9-4.8in
Color: Black
Weight: 187g/ 6.56oz

Packages includes:
1 x Suction Cup Mount
1 x Tripod Mount

1x Stainless Steel Coated Safety Tether (24″ length)

How to Use:
1. Remove the plastic film underneath the suction pad.
2. Mounting the Suction Cup, mount to a dry clean smooth surface. (Use a cloth or rag to make sure the surface is dry and clean)
3. Mount the suction cup to the chosen surface, whilst holding the “Press Button”, Flip the Hinge over to the opposite side to create a strong vacuumed suction.
4. Now you can mount your Camera to the suction cup screw adapter, and adjust the angle as required.
5. To un-mount the suction cup, just flip the hinge back to the opposite side again, then use one finger to slide the Small flap under suction pad up whilst lifting the entire suction cup mount from the surface.
6. That’s it all done: just make sure to always mount to an clean, dry, smooth surface.



Weight 99.79 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 3 cm


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